Life Your Way

Barbara Hawkins is Coaching Life Skills - A Better Life Using Meditation, The Silva Method, Silva Life System, Silva Intuition Training, Hypnosis, NLP, EFT, Spirituality and more

About Barbara

Barbara HawkinsBarbara is a Certified Coach, Certified Hypnosis Program trainer and Silva Method trainer since 1994. Formerly the Kentucky State Director she is now the Director for Washington State, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana.  Hypnosis and Silva Method Graduates who want to take the skills they’ve learned and go even further often participate in the Follow-Thru Program - a coaching program.

Barbara’s belief is that all of us can be the architect of our own life. We may travel through life on auto-pilot, accepting whatever life brings along BUT we don’t have to. All that is needed is the awareness that WE are in the driver’s seat. We CAN have a life by our design and Barbara’s Life Skills Coaching can help us do that!

Regarding her logo:   Sea stars – or starfish as they’re commonly known – have the remarkable ability to regrow their arms if they’re damaged or eaten by predators. In fact, sometimes an entire sea star has regenerated from a single arm! The process is slow but it can be done.

Human beings have a similar ability – that is, when ‘damaged’ or hurt, we too can ‘regenerate’ … sometimes in truly remarkable ways!  Whether the ‘hurt’ is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual there’s opportunity for healing and growth.

The focus is on YOU – helping you live a happier, healthier, wealthier and wiser life!  Her goal is to help clients effect desirable changes in their lives.

In the field of hypnosis, Barbara specializes in application of techniques for post traumatic stress disorder, phobias, grief resolution, and regression therapy.

Reading and studying extensively in the field of human potential, Barbara continues to add to her expertise so that she may help her clients achieve their goals.

In 2003 Barbara became a certified hypnosis teacher and has received nothing but praise from those attending her first class.  Additionally, she is a certified Reiki Master; is a certified Energy Restoration practitioner; is certified in The ReConnectionTM energy healing; and she is certified to do the actual ReConnectionTM.   She also has had training in Comfort Touch.

In addition to conducting The Silva Life System, The Silva Intuition Training, the Silva Method Basic, hypnotherapy practice and workshops, Barbara has given presentations for such organizations as BizNetCentral’s Ladies’ Luncheon, Tacoma Community College, The Kentucky Association of Hypnotherapists, The Professional Woman’s Network conference (two years) and the local Community Groups of the Institute of Noetic Sciences in Nashville, Tennessee, and Louisville, Kentucky.  She currently serves on BizNetCentral’s Board of Advisors.