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“Use Your Words!” – Affirmations For Success

I enjoyed this article by Dawn DelVecchio May 11, 2011 and thought you might too. It makes me remember Hank Wesselman's info about the Hawaiian's word for europeans... 'howlie'. (sp?) It means something like 'those who speak without taking a breath' - referring to the habit of speaking without thinking first. Not a great habit!

“Use your words!” is what a friend used to say to her toddler whenever he’d get into one of those flailing, kaniption fit tantrums of frustration. (and if you have toddlers anywhere in your life, you know what I’m talking about!) But I’ve been thinking, you know, it’s not a bad message for grown-ups, either! Consider this for a minute: if you’re feeling frustrated about something, do you stop, take a breath and speak affirmations for success in the situation? Or do you tend to gripe, bitch and moan? (Hopefully you don’t flail on the ground anymore ;))

It may take more than a few simple words to shift habitual tendencies toward fussing over frustrations, but there’s simply no denying that words have power. In fact, I truly believe that positive, power words should be included in any personal growth routine. So with this in mind, here’s some affirmations you can modify and apply to different areas of you life.

Affirmations for Success

I successfully overcome this current obstacle.
This situation is resolving easily even as I speak.
I have the power to handle success.
Challenge is an opportunity for greater success!
I recognize the opportunity in this seemingly difficult situation.
I appreciate the way this condition helps me understand more clearly what I want.
The universe has my back for my greatest success.
When I get out of my own way, magic and miracles assist me with difficulties.
I appreciate all the blessings in my life.
I can choose to focus on the positive.
Every breath brings me closer to my success.
I am an ever-expanding, being of Power.
I embody love, success and happiness now.

This blog article was published on June 30, 2011.