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Are YOU a “Sitting Frog”?

Three frogs are sitting on a log next to a pond.

Two of the frogs decide to jump off and take a swim. 

How many frogs are left sitting on the log?

The answer is “three”—Three frogs are left sitting on the log.

Why “three”? Because the two frogs only decided to jump into the pond and take a swim—they didn’t actually do it. 

Does that scenario sound familiar to you…thinking about making a change, wanting to make a change, but having difficulty doing it? If it does, you are not alone. Changing a behavior can be a challenge even when you know that the outcome will be a benefit. So how is the best way to stick to it?

There are 2 ways and one is much tougher than the other.

First the tough one: 

Long term change is usally the result of a series of choices and actions when the decision is made at only the conscious level.  Let’s say that you make the decision to eat healthier: you take the time to plan and shop for nutritious food and on Monday you eat reasonably. By the time Friday arrives, you find yourself using the drive-through for dinner!

(Affirmations can help but it takes a lot, and I mean a LOT, of repitition to get them into the subconscious and that’s the intent behind affirmations.)

What happened to eating healthier? Your decision was made by only your conscious mind.  If your subconscious mind’s choices differ from your conscious choices, you’ll need to make the decision again, and again, and again.  OR …

Second:  There’s an easier way! How? By making the decision at both the conscious and subconscious levels of your mind. This is the beauty of hypnosis: when in a peacefully, relaxed state…hypnosis…you can access all parts of your mind. Changes are sooo much easier that way!

Learn how to take your affirmations and visualizations into your subconscious where they back up your conscious and subconscious commitment and make your new actions a fun ‘project’.

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This blog article was published on January 31, 2011.