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Are You Being Present?

When you’re at work, attending a meeting or a party…or really anywhere you are…give the gift of your Presence to yourself and others.

When you are Present, you’re really engaged with the people and events with you. You’re expressing your interest, your engagement, your respect and your caring. You’re totally involved and able to both act and react appropriately to ‘whatever’.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking you can be physically present and mentally off in thought because others know. Yes, they know if your focus is elsewhere and on some level they’re not pleased.

Being ‘non-present’ on a regular basis undermines your relationships whether they’re personal or professional.  At some point this habit will cost you – in some ways.

Being physically in one location while mentally focusing on something else is a habit…a bad one!…and it can be changed.

When you realize that you’re not paying attention, not listening to what’s being said, bring yourself back to the present.

Affirm to yourself that you’re now focusing only on the ‘here and now’.

Soon you’ll be known as the person who cares enough to pay attention!

This blog article was published on July 2, 2010.