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Being "Present" at This Time of Year

As we approach 2019, I invite you to invest some present moment time to reflect and project…


Reflect back on 2018

·        What were the lessons learned? Seek their value; free of judgment.

·        What talents and strengths did you develop and put to good use?

·        What gifts did you give and what gifts did you received?


Project to a vision of 2019

·        How will you utilized the lessons learned in 2018?

·        How will your growth experiences season your choices in this new year?

·        What gifts would you like to give and what gifts would you like to receive?


As you are setting your "goals" for 2019, consider the value of setting your "intentions" first.


Meaningful intentions are filled with passion, purpose, love, and benefits for all.

Ask yourself, How can I fashion my goals to have these qualities within them?


Intentions carry an awareness of your talents and strengths.

Ask yourself, How can I leverage my unique abilities intentionally to realize my goals for the benefit of all?


Intentions are meaningful because they are an expression of your values.  We persist when we pursue things that are valuable to us. If they are not truly valuable, we will not persist.

Ask yourself, Are each of my goals truly valuable to me? How will they improve my conditions and the conditions of others. What are the consequences of not pursuing these goals?


Meaningful intentions are "present" oriented. Goals are typically tomorrow oriented. Because goals are about tomorrow, it is easy to put them off until tomorrow. The delayed gratification of tomorrow's goals can steal the joy from the present.

Ask yourself, What simple actions can I enjoy taking today that align with my vision of tomorrow?


Intentions are flexible.  Goals are rigid.  All too often, goals are achieved at the cost of not achieving more meaningful ones.  Set your goals and desirable intentional outcomes but be flexible! You cannot possibly know how the steps along your path will inform you!

Ask yourself, (and this takes some considerable contemplation) How will I know when it is time to course correct or head in another direction? As you incubate on this question keep in mind: Your present intention trumps your future goals. The present is the gift.


From this perspective, the great adventure is not about hitting targets as much as it is touching hearts and impacting souls.


Let love be at the core of your intentions and your goals. By doing so, you will look back at 2019 with a sense of fulfillment knowing you were, and are, on purpose and you have, and will continue to, invest your days in what benefits all. And all includes YOU!


Happy New Year!


John Felitto

Felitto Coaching & Consulting

This blog article was published on December 30, 2018.