Life Your Way

Barbara Hawkins is Coaching Life Skills - A Better Life Using Meditation, The Silva Method, Silva Life System, Silva Intuition Training, Hypnosis, NLP, EFT, Spirituality and more

Coaching Testamonial

'Those four days were life-changing for me and continue to bear gorgeous fruit. The private coaching has been top-of-the-charts wonderful! I know I will employ more coacching as I go along.

I also visit my lab regularly and use the magnificent tools you shared with me. My imagination is getting freer (rather than better), and I am enjoying pushing the boundaries. So much going on in my mind. As I read books, whether fantasies or fairy tales or shamanic teachings and other nonfiction such as Louise Hay's books, I take what I learn to my laboratory and let my vision expand to incorporate ideas into the Silva method umbrella. It's the most exciting, most fertile time I have ever experienced in my many decades of active imagining. Truly, no limits. I thank you first and foremost for that. You showed up in my life when I was ready to move forward. Thank you for being you."  Olivia Hoyt

This blog article was published on July 9, 2019.