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Do You Worry?

Silly question, right? Most everybody worries at some time or other and we've all heard people say to us ... "Don't worry. Everything will work out fine."

I don't know about you, but that sure didn't change anything for me!

What did change things ... change ME ... was my realization that by worrying I am actually programming (or praying) for what I fear!

Sometime people think that means we 'shouldn't have negative thoughts'. No. It means that,

       after exploring (thinking about) the situation and

       determining if there are productive actions to be taken, and

       taking those actions,

       stop thinking about what had worried us! 

Not so hard to do when we actually take the action(s). Putting them off or refusing to take action encourages worry.

If there is no action, it may be a bit more difficult to let go of the worry thoughts but it can be done!


While everything I just wrote is correct, there's a bit more to it. Bottom line: Worry is a habit!

Most of us who have been worriers in the past have the idea that we can't change ... we can't stop ... we can't let go of the worry habit. Not!

The Silva 'Mirror of the Mind' is perfect to release that debilitating worry!

This quote gives a clue to how we can change: 

"Habit is overcome by habit."

          -Thomas A. Kempis

In other words, create a new habit. The Mirror of the Mind is perfect to do this, too.

That's an entirely different 'project' than getting rid of an established habit. Since 1) we cannot have two habits which are in direct conflict, the one we focus on is the one which will manifest and 2) you cannot successfully 'delete' a habit (a program) without replacing it with a new one.


It may sound flip to say this but I find that it often is easier when I 'step back' to become an 'Observer' of my life and tell myself 'This Is An Adventure In Human Living!

Assuming you decide to make this shift yourself, I'd love to hear about your experiences.

This blog article was published on August 4, 2015.