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How Can a Coach Enrich Your Life?

Why work with a Coach? Because your life experience can be enriched in so many ways! Let me explain:

Be assured that what you tell your Coach is held in confidence. Sometimes it's invaluable to have someone to be your sounding-board. Just saying something out loud can bring clarity!

We can only see out of our own eyes, from the place of our experiences. Your Coach listens to what you say and, because their perspective is different, may ask questions such as "Have you thought about....?" or "Have you thought about it this way?"

Working with your Coach increases your concentration, your focus, on your projects.

Because your Coach always has your best interests in mind, he/she can provide objective feedback that may not be available from your family, friends or workmates.

Your Coach helps you identify your true vision for your life taking into accout your values, personal strengths, talents, training and more.

Planning with your Coach can be productive and fun. Having a plan is like finding a you know where to go!

You and your Coach may do some brainstorming to come up with more creative ideas.

Because you're working with your Coach, you're more aware of your responsibility to yourself to get things done. When you act on your plans, you move forward.

Sometimes you Coach provides your 'believing eyes'. You may realize that you have all the tools necessary to do something but you don't quite believe you can do it. Your Coach can help you bridge that gap.

Your Coach helps celebrate your successes!

Your Coach can be a source of support when things don't turn out as you'd planned.  As you review circumstances, your Coach may offer insight to help you see things differently. Things may not be as unhappy as you thought!

Remember: Your Coach is there for you.

This blog article was published on May 25, 2011.