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How Coaching Benefits You 1

There are many benefits of having a coach.  We’ll look at them one at a time – here’s the first:

Your coach may ask you to pay attention to your inner dialogue – something most people don’t do.

Your mind has many jobs, many functions.  One of those is to remember things…a very useful too. Another is to remind us of things we need to do ‘later’…also very useful.

Just imagine that you, for whatever reason, don’t do things quickly and they begin to pile up. We may call this procrastination. But it doesn’t matter what we call it, the mind is still remembering and attempting to remind us that things need to be done. 

After a while the list gets really long as we add other kinds of thoughts to it…things such as how we feel about what other people do and say, etc.

Today we call this ‘mind chatter’ or ‘monkey mind’ and it can feel like a monkey is in there swinging from the trees, just chattering away!

Because we may not want to think about some of these things we avoid them. We shut the door on the chatter. But it doesn’t go away! In fact, as soon as we ‘get quiet’ there they are in surround sound.

How can ‘you quiet the chatter’, ‘still the monkey’? By listening to these thoughts! Some of them are so outdated you can just kick them to the curb. Others are still current so you can decide when to address them…whatever actions may be appropriate…or they may be things you realize are NOs.

Just by listening you can get rid of a lot of these thoughts. You’ll make the decision to get rid of a lot of them and then you’ll decide to act on others.

It’s a whole lot like cleaning a closet – you may find some very interesting things in there!

This blog article was published on May 22, 2010.