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How Coaching Benefits You 4

Experience greater confidence and awareness of your own competence as you develop greater trust in yourself and your choices.

Sometimes you need another person to listen and give you feedback. Why? Because if your thoughts are only in your head you can’t really ‘listen to how they sound’. Saying them out loud gives you insight. Knowing you can say them to a non-judgemental person – your coach – makes it easy. Knowing your coach can give you feedback if you desire it makes it really easy!

In the process of speaking, clarifying, and discussing many insights may occur. Of course one of them may be that you have a great idea as is. Or you may choose to expand it…or whatever. You’re always the person who makes your decisions.

Ultimately you’ll realize a greater depth of confidence and trust in yourself, your ideas and your capabilities.

This blog article was published on May 22, 2010.