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How to Free Yourself from Increasing Problems

What do you notice in your life? What do you think about?

How many problems are you actively worrying about?

How many things keep you awake at night? or wake you? 

Did you ever notice that problems seem to ‘breed’? ie The more you have to worry about, the more problems you have to solve, the more problems you have to solve!  In fact, the better you are at solving those problems the more of them you get.

How to change that? When you ‘solve’ a challenging situation, tell yourself “That’s finished. That’s one less difficulty to handle. Soon I’ll be free of difficulties!”

Now it’s time to make sure you have interests and activities that are fun, uplifting, happy, fulfilling and the like. You cannot give up something without putting something in it’s place. This is the Clean Closet Principal: if you remove most or all of the stuff, soon it’s filled up again. Usually that stuff is just as undesireable as the original stuff. Instead of returning to an old habit of worry and problems, make sure your life is filled with positive thoughts, words and experiences. Get excited about life!

Of course there will be challenging situations throughout life.  It just happens sometimes but it doesn’t have to be your theme.  Sooner or later you’ll notice that your life is going along much smoother than in the past…and you’re loving it!

 Looking forward to a better life every day in every way,


This blog article was published on February 26, 2011.