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How to Have Peaceful and Productive Sleep

Are you spending sleepless nights instead of peaceful, restorative ones?

Are you tired of tossing and turning throughout the night? Is your sleep disturbed?

One of the biggest reasons for such disrupted sleep is uncompleted thoughts about the day's events and experiences. This includes  thoughts and feelings which occurred through the day, too.

What can you do to 'complete' them ... to lay them - and you! - to rest?

First, review your day - in detail.  Your review helps release the day's 'sensory input'.

Notice the interactions you had with people. Think about your work activities, your home activities, everything you did. Leave emotions and judgments out of this review.

Next, lock it in!

Particularly note anything that went really well. Focus on your skill, intelligence and wisdom used in these situations. Use your 3 Fingers technique to lock it in.

If something happened that you'd do differently if you could do it over, use your Mental Screen to imagine the whole event played out in the improved version. Again, use your 3 Fingers to lock in whatever new learnings accompanied this experience as well as the improved outcome.

Make sure to include gratitude for all the people, opportunities, experiences, etc.

If you have a project you need help with, use your Holo-Viewing Technique.

Silva Method Graduates can use your Laboratory and Counselors for the following:

If you feel that there's an incomplete situation from the past and it's causing you problems in your current life, you could speak to the family member or friend or acquaintance involved - even if they live a continent away or have already crossed over. Have a heartfelt, love-based conversation with them. Make sure you listen to their perspective as well as speak about your own.

Perhaps you'd like to visit with someone you don't see often or even has crossed over to the othe side.

By doing the above, things are cleared and you're ready for a good night's sleep.

Now it's time for your 'evening question'  ... before sleep, ask an open question. You're not looking for a specific outcome with it. You're looking for clarity related to a relationship, a choice or decision.

Leave any agenda for the next day. Release your imagination, inspiration and intuition!

Awake with a new perspective, deeper understanding and the new day's 'clean slate'.


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Barbara Hawkins

This blog article was published on December 14, 2011.