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How to Increase Your Happiness

Increase your happiness by paying attention to the people, experiences and things currently in your life for which you are already grateful.  Even during bad times, you can find things to thank about.

Tips to Increase Your Happiness
1. Journal

Daily take several minutes to write about the things for which you're grateful. No matter what, no matter how "trivial". See if you can come up with different things every day to expand your awareness of how truly rich your life is already.

2. Find the Contrast

Sometimes it's good to look at what's happening to others.  It can leave you more thankful for what you have.

3. Spiritual Expression

Whether you're religious or not, create a ritual-like act of gratitude...prayer or speaking out loud specific words of thanks,  with intention.

4. Post It!

Post some phrases of gratitude around your house or work space

5. Think of Others

Pick someone you know and then ask yourself: 1. What have they given me? 2. What have I given them? and 3. Have I caused them any problems? This causes you to deepen your gratitude for the relationship and the its gifts. You may also notice places to make the relationship better or even make amends.

6. Senses Can Help

When you can’t think of anything, use one of your 5 physical senses. Like: “I love looking at the trees" “the smell of apple pie makes me smile.”

7. Now Say It

Say “Please” and “Thank you.”

8. Make a Promise

Make yourself a promise, a committment with and to yourself, that you are more aware of things for which to be grateful every day!

9. What you think about …

Expands! So pay attention to your thoughts, and speech. They can reveal if your thinking is on gratitude.

10. Join the Gratitude Log

There’s a place (on the web) where you can go daily and be with others who are committed to building their gratitude muscles. Check it out right here!

adapted from FinerMinds May 16, 2011 post

This blog article was published on May 23, 2011.