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How to Resolve Conflict

Do you find yourself in a conflict…at work, at home or wherever?
Before you make a move to resolve the conflict, FIRST take time to clearly identify your desired outcome / intention. 
For instance, if your desire is to vent your displeasure the outcome will be significantly different than if your intention is to repair the relationship.
NOW take a few minutes to sit quietly with eyes closed and visualize this outcome fulfilled.  For Silva students, this is a great opportunity to use either the Mirror of the Mind or the Holo-Viewing technique.

Keeping your cool – staying calm – is very very important even though it may be difficult. From that place of calm you can

1. listen, really listen — This is the basis for true communiction.

2. find a place of understanding, even compassion — use your empathy to ‘find’ this.

3. find a common ground

4. begin a discussion rather than an argument

Make sure you stop other things and put your full attention on your discussion. Keep good eye contact – without staring.

Be patient and hear the other person out without waiting for the time to say what you want to say. After they finish speaking, take a breath…think about what they’ve just said…then say what you need to as it relates to both the situation and what they’ve just said.


Originally posted on Facebook by Barbara Hawkins on Wednesday, July 14, 2010 at 1:26pm

This blog article was published on January 26, 2011.