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Life: ‘Old School’ Style

by FinerMinds Team November 7, 2010

Life: ‘Old School’ Style

Most of us grew up believing that life – our life – happens to us and not by us. There’s a long, long history (think: thousands of years, folks) of beliefs that taught us the fate of our lives, that our ‘lot’ in life, is controlled almost entirely by random, sometimes really scary, external forces.

Maybe it’s a wrathful god, or an insidious cancer, an angry spouse or a troubled teen. But whatever these forces are, they’re mostly or totally out of our control.

And those people who just seem to have one good thing after another ‘happen’ to them? They’re just lucky, ‘born under a star’ or have ‘good karma.’ The rest of us have to settle with dodging disaster as we try to control as much of our outer world as possible, and then ‘hope for the best.’

Well, that was then and this is now.

Enter the Master

Today we’re living in a time of transition. Call it spiritual, call it scientific, call it a paradigm shift. Whatever you call it, this is a time when old ideas about the nature of reality are fading, and a new understanding of who we really are is emerging. Thanks to what we’re learning about ‘reality’ from Quantum Physics and the viral spread of the Law of Attraction, we’ve got a whole new view on how ‘reality’ is really created.

But even though a lot of people are tossing around ‘power of positive thinking’ lingo, when it comes to every day living, most are still acting as if they’re puppets. Like marionettes strung up and controlled by their job, their family, mean people, bad traffic, bad hair days, the high cholesterol that ‘runs in the family’, or the neighbor’s damn dog that barks at 3am, their lives are still run by everything outside themselves.

What r’ya Sayin’?

Think about some of the things you say, ordinary, day-to-day things, and see if you are speaking like a puppet or like the master of your life. Do you say things like, “don’t cough my way, I don’t want to get sick,” or “I can’t take a day off because there are too many things I have to do.” How about, “my kids (or husband, wife, boss, mother . . .) are driving me crazy!” or “I’m afraid to leave my job (that I hate) because I should be thankful just to have a job in this economy!”

All these statements – and many more – put the power of your life squarely outside yourself.

Puppet or Master?

So the question is: do you want to be the puppet or the master? If you’re happy with being the puppet (and I know you’re not), then go right ahead and continue talking about and thinking about all the people, places, circumstances or things that are holding you back from living a fulfilling life.

BUT if you really want to be the master of your life, if you really want to live a life that has meaning, passion and purpose, then it’s not enough to say a few affirmations or talk about the Law of Attraction sometimes then continue to say and think things that give everything else outside of you the power to make or break your day.

What are the kind of things you say (out loud or to yourself) that, when you think about it, really string you up like a puppet? More importantly, what do you say when you think like the master of your life that you truly are?

This blog article was published on November 27, 2010.