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Make 2016 Your Most Fulfilling Year Yet!

Start Your New Year With a Giant Leap Forward!

Begin the year with clear intent - one with meaning, passion, purpose, love and benefits for all.
Leave any notion of stress behind and learn how to gain clarity, focus dynamically, achieve gracefully and enjoy a powerful yet playful process to create what you truly want.
Discover what matters most to you and give yourself the gift to embrace it and your fabulous life!
"The game lasts only 90 days.  The benefits last a lifetime."
Winter Games begin the week of January 11, 2016


2016 certainly can be your most fulfilling year ever - when you make that choice

The tricky piece is that we think, consciously or unconsciously, that it's going to take a lot of hard work or, we're not sure how to go about doing it or, we're concerned that we'll be disappointed and there are a few others too.  All these are assumptions which, when left unresolved, almost assure a far more difficult and frustrating path ahead, leading to very little opportunity for greater fulfillment.  The notion that it can be easy and enjoyable seems ludicrous.
John Felitto has been in the coaching game for 18 years and more than a dozen of them playing 90-Day Games.  From this experience it has become exceedingly obvious that our opportunity to enjoy fulfilling and satisfying days and wonderful outcomes are very available to all of us - not just the prettiest, wealthiest or most gifted.  For the most part, our attitude and perspective is the determining factor.
When a group of 6-8 players come together with a rich spirit and attitude, the results are nothing short of amazing.  So here's my 90-Day Game invitation to you.  For those of you who know me, and many of you do for more than a decade, you know I walk my talk and I'd love to have more of you walking along with me and our team.  We invite you to play with the possibility that I am correct and if I am, you are going to have a most fulfilling 2016.  And if I am incorrect, our unconditional guarantee will reimburse you fully. I'm not betting on the greatness of the game - I am betting on the greatness within you.
Come explore with us!  I have a hunch you will be glad you did.
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This blog article was published on December 30, 2015.