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Quick and Easy - How to Release Stress in Your Body

Quick Stress Release - right at your desk!

Sit comfortably.

Now notice your breathing as it moves into, through and out of your body.

Sense the energy in your body.

Listen to the sounds around you.

Become aware of  the feeling of your clothes, the feeling of the chair beneath you.

Notice the smells around you.

Close your eyes and think of all the people, things and experiences you love. Who and what do you notice?

Now you're more able to sense energy - both within your body and outside yourself. It's always there. Now notice it.

Feel yourself becoming still. You may even sense the "quietness" in your body. How do you notice it, feel it?

Now, one area at a time, notice internal and external areas your body.

Notice areas of ease. Smile into it.

Notice any areas of tension. If you notice an area of tension, take a deep breath and allow the outbreath to go to that area  and release the tension. Repeat slowly until all tension is gone. Smile.

Whenever your body tenses up, use this process to release the tension. This keeps your body from accumulating and holding onto tension, stress. It breaks a bad habit!

It's good to do this after the work day has finished too.



Barbara Hawkins

This blog article was published on January 30, 2012.