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The 90-Day Game


Create What You Really REALLY Want... While Enjoying the Precious Present Moment

Fulfill of Your Dreams and Deepest Desires


The designer of The 90-Day Game, John Felitto, has taken the best of Mind Development and Whole Brain Technologies, Emotional Intelligence, Consciousness and Behavioral Disciplines, Spiritual, Intuitive and Values-Based Practices and organized them into one practical Holistic Life Design System. This is the Evoke Your Greatness Process©. Lasting change in your life by evoking your full potential to accomplish your intentions and aims.

“It is amazing how my life has shifted. My mindset has changed and thus I have more business coming to me in the last 2 weeks than I did the last 2 months. I can see how my business is on track to earn $100,000 in 100 days."   - Cindy Caulfield, Realtor & Coach, Palatine, IL

It is a simple yet effective 7-step process designed to make your intentions your reality

  •  Develop the habits you need to manifest your intentions
  •  Gain clarity in the process of attracting what you want
  •  Achieve more with less effort
  •  Communicate directly with your subconscious mind
  •  Integrate dynamic mental techniques
  •  Get group and individualized support in a non-judgmental environment
  •  Learn to navigate life with a cool head and a warm heart - remaining relaxed yet focused

Here are characteristics of people who have succeeded in transforming their dreams into reality:

Have a passionate purpose

Can see, smell, taste, touch and feel the benefits of their intentions.

Cultivated a knowing, beyond belief, that their aims are attainable

Have an awareness of their talents and strengths and apply them without the need to be all things to all people.

“When I first heard about Meaningful Intentions© I was so excited, because they provided the answer to a question I'd been struggling with. How can I be truly present in the current moment, mindful, living for the now, but have plans and goals for the future? Meaningful Intentions provide the bridge between living for right now, while still shaping, refining and improving the future." -R. Hiller, Spring Valley, NY


You will guided each step of the way helping you custom design a process based on your own unique way of being.

Once these practices are established, you can apply them to any intention you wish to realize within your life.

You will learn how to:

  • Set a rich and soulful environment to flourish
  • Enjoy life now while you attract new desirable outcomes
  • Cultivate the new success habits you need to permanently integrate the Laws of Attraction into your life
  • Learn the 3-key ingredients to creating a Powerful Meaningful Intention Statement
  • Train your nervous system to relax in a matter of minutes
  • Master the ability to direct of your attention
  • Reconnect with your spirit
  • Bolster your confidence
  • Enroll your subconscious mind as an ally toward creating what you want
  • Respond to all events in emotionally intelligent ways that shift you rapidly back on course
  • Reinforce and create beliefs in alignment with your intent
  • Master your self-talk
  • Be attracted into consistent practical action

This process has been applied successfully with hundreds of people. You will be guided to effective pathways and strategies that will boost your confidence and keep you on track.

Participants Get:

  • 12 one-hour Group Coaching teleconference sessions
  • 24/7 online and mp3 access of recorded group sessions assuring that you will never miss a call
  • 10 hours of audio recordings to deepen your understanding of each step of the process plus
  • Exercises to enroll your subconscious mind
  • Implementation materials with action logs, playsheets and the Spiritual Principles Card Deck
  • Optional One-to-One Coaching
  • Unlimited e-mail support
  • The power of mastermind group synergy


Contact me for more information or call  253.225.9731

"The game lasts only 90 days but the benefits last a lifetime!" - Dr. Sushil Bhatia, AnuData, Inc.


This blog article was published on January 2, 2015.