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THE SCIENCE OF HAPPINESS - By Dr. Omar Jaled Mustafa

By Dr. Omar Jaled Mustafa, Silva Method Director for South America and Portugal

Translated by Richard and Diana Oulahan


Would you be happier if you made more Money?...Would you feel more satisfied in your life if you had the Ideal Weight?...Would you feel better if you were recognized for all of your Qualities? Do you believe that these and all other manifestations of external success are the only essential condition for happiness?

If you answered yes to some of the preceding questions, you should know that the science which investigates happiness is not in agreement with you. The above achievements are really the results of our interior capabilities that allow us to grow and expand. Presently, scientists researching the state of human happiness at profound levels, give precedence to other predominant factors: the combined degree and frequency of positive emotions that we experience, the level of personal satisfaction we can maintain over long periods of time, and the absence of negative sentiments such as sadness, anger, and resentments. These new scientific focuses demonstrate that happiness is an internal and stable mental state of mind, necessary for the creation of external manifestations such as money, health and other exciting parts of our lives. Happiness is our spiritual state of mind towards life, allowing us to understand it better and to enjoy it in a more profound way.

But make no mistake. This vision does not ignore the existence of disagreeable emotions that we experience, or situations of great stress and challenge we confront in life. However, this apparent negativity can be transformed by changing our mental perspective and stimulating our interior and emotional growth to create a sentiment and spirituality of positivity and self-confidence. Our concept of life and the world has two opposite tendencies: to see ourselves and the world in negative terms that become manifest in our seemingly endless list of problems; or a mental certainty and profound sentiment in favor of our human capacity to be able to live a positive and fruitful life. In other words, it is a positive vision of ourselves, and understanding those challenges (we reconfigure the word problems for challenges)that give us the opportunity to grow internally and externally as a normal part of human existence. Happiness is a natural part of this latter perspective on life. Being happy produces a profound sense of satisfaction and increases our overall state of HAPPINESS.

Happiness is a dynamic state that manifests its presence in the quality of life that we live. To achieve this, every human being should learn to develop physical and mental states of relaxation and creative visualization. These states provoke new physiologies that stimulate chemicals, related to mental states of happiness, harmony and equilibrium. These practices favor the development of habits and internal states of mind that permit one to overcome anxiety and better develop our cognitive capabilities, which facilitate a high level of observation and perception. We become more intuitive. Let us remember that suffering is a creation of the mind which when we learn relaxation/meditation techniques and practice them regularly, helps to create a positive and constructive way to walk through life.

Dr. Martin Seligman is the father of the Positivist Psychology movement. This psychology emphasizes two fundamental factors that assist us to create a life of happiness: a) the constant presence of love (to love and be loved), and b) the incessant search for meaning in life through the development of spirituality built on respect for values and principles that maintain equilibrium in the Universe.

 A strong and violent crisis is agitating the first part of our Twenty-First Century. At the same time science, with its new focus on neuro-spycho-energetics, is continuing its fascinating search to decode the bio-chemicals that produce the sensations of good, positive values and love which are the healing base for all suffering. Understanding this, and driven by  our innate desire that we all have the right to be happy in our lives, let us, in this moment,  take the decision to construct a better world for ourselves and others and a sustainable life based on the development of capacities to monitor and observe our internal and infinite conscience.

We ask, how can we do this?  How can we achieve this feeling of happiness when the world is furiously challenging us? In my personal life, as in that of millions around the world, we use the teachings, techniques and exercises of the Silva Method to create a state of internal happiness. These teachings give us resources and the understanding needed to focus our minds and our emotions and also the strength to create and maintain a state of happiness within ourselves without being disturbed by the challenges of life at any one moment.

What do we need?  The Silva Method, based on 70 years of investigation, corroborated by mainstream scientific research, tells us: THE ONLY THING missing is to understand and work towards our right to achieve a life of HAPPINESS, together with a strong determination to manifest this in the material world.

This blog article was published on February 19, 2013.