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What 90 Day Game Players are Saying

I can honestly say The 90 day game changed my life. It helped me realize a goal of buying a home - a goal which seemed so out of reach at the time. And here I sit writing you from that very home.   It works if you are an enthusiastic, active participant AND have faith that you can build a mountain a pebble at a time. It's the perfect formula for success.

  • Maria Vizzi, President, Indoor Environmental Solutions, Inc., NY

That is...the combination of identifying your passions, writing an intention statement, having weekly calls with others who support the goal and who you can support, and the critical one- on-one coaching sessions to work out any "challenges" in achieving the goal. At 40 I know all goals can be achieved eventually- but it feels great to do it in less time than one thought possible.

  • Maria Vizzi, President, Indoor Environmental Solutions, Inc., NY

I've been part of the personal development movement for over 15 years and have assembled a library of over a thousand paper and audio books and while they are all useful, none are as succinct & user friendly as John’s material. In that time I have never before experienced results as I have by participating in the 90 day game and by working with John. . . Period.  

  • Anthony Artuso, Jr., CEO, Artuso Pastry Foods Corporation, NY

The games concepts are deceptively powerful and cater to our left & right brains as to help us find that happy medium, thus allowing it to work for everyone. A note of caution though:  You will undoubtedly create what it is you desire, guaranteed - so please choose your target wisely. I can only compare it to having your own personal “genie in the lamp”.

  • Anthony Artuso, Jr., CEO, Artuso Pastry Foods Corporation, NY

John, I believe in your work. I know it is real and true and it works! It incorporates age-old
philosophy with current brain research and success factors of emotional intelligence to create a daily practice for living a FABULOUS life. You have a special gift. It is awesome to experience the passion in your work.

  • Susan J. Parsons, Portland OR

"It is amazing how my life has shifted. My mindset has changed and thus I have more business coming to me in the last 2 weeks than I did the last 2 months. I can see how my business is on track to earn $100,000 in 100 days."

  • Cindy Caulfield, Realtor & Coach, Palatine, IL

 "The game lasts only 90 days but the benefits last a lifetime!"

  • Dr. Sushil Bhatia, AnuData, Inc.

Some years ago I played your game and I'm 100% sure your work helped plant the seeds necessary for my dreams to root and I am forever grateful!  Your 90 day game gave me the clarity of what I Really Really wanted and your amazing love, support and coaching guided me on the path to living my life's purpose.  Thank you. 

  • Laura Cullen, Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner

I recall you coaching me to visualize holding a baby....that is what I really wanted, I thought I wanted a successful MLM business. ...but under that was the desire to be a mom....My son just turned two and I now have my own coaching practice as an EFT Practitioner...thank you for giving me the tools to live my life fully!

  • Laura Cullen, Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner

I can't wait to let you know that, I am having great shift in many areas in my life. The way I see things is dramatically changing. 

  •  Sam Tesfay

Thank you for creating and sharing this profound, powerful and pleasurable system; I have already begun telling others about it!

  • Patrick Babcock, Succeed By Helping Others Succeed, Yonkers, New York

Meaningful intentions provide the bridge between living for right now, while still shaping, refining and improving the future.

  • Rachel Hiller, Host, Spokesperson, Trade Show Narrator, New York, NY

The 90 Day Game has been profoundly miraculous for me, and it's clear to me it would be the same for anyone who dives in and really plays it. It is also designed for those in mind who are fed up with tight structures for growth, in a way that provides both breathing room and fun!  - David Shore, Asbury Park, NJ

This blog article was published on December 15, 2015.