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What IS the Silva Method?

After 20 years’ experience as a Silva Method instructor the best way I’ve found to answer that question is by pointing out…

First, The SilvaMethod provides an easy, reliable process to attain the Alpha level of brainwave functioning. This is also known as the Meditative State. In Silva, we refer to it as ‘our Level’. 

This is the ‘level’ of brain/mind activity where we function at our strongest. It’s good to know that we can attain this brainwave state at will; for as long as we choose; and we leave it when we choose.

Then we have a collection of superb multi-use mental techniques - I think of them as mental tools - from which we can create our dreams and desires i.e. Manifest!

We use these mental tools while in the Alpha, or Meditative, brainwave state.  This we call  ‘programming’.

As I often say in classes, the limits of these tools are only your own needs / desires and your own creativity.

After ending a programming session, it’s time to take physical action which is in line with the programming you’ve done.

Because there are practice exercises included in the course, after taking The Silva Method you have greater skill using your meditative state – your Level – and you have a powerful set of multi-use mental tools for designing the life of your dreams.

You're going to love it!

Better & Better,

Barbara Hawkins

This blog article was published on August 17, 2015.