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What's Your Snow Day Like?

Snow day! Don't those words bring back memories of a more care-free time?!

Sure you're supposed to go to work ... or shopping ... or keep an appointment ... or whatever. But it's snowing! It's potentially dangerous to drive and, responsible citizen that you are, you realize that staying off  snow- ice-covered highways is a gift to other citizens - specifically emergency personnel.

There are basically two types of experiences available on 'snow days' and you get to pick the one you'd like to live:

Like grade-school kids, the idea that plans and commitments cannot be kept may be freeing.

Now it's time to play - to do the things you'd like to do if you had no commitments. After all, you're not in charge of the weather!

Perhaps you'd like to go sledding or ice skating. Maybe you pick up that novel you've had for a while. How about trying out a new recipe? Or dream new dreams? Or move the furniture? Or meditate? Or just watch it snow?

Whatever you choose, let yourself enjoy the day and play with the opportunity. Allow the day to bring unexpected joys, happiness and connection with your deeper awareness and Higher Power.

Allow stresses to fall aside and experience Gratitude for this special day.

Or maybe the loss of a paycheck or another important activity creates a true hardship. That's not welcome, enjoyable or fun.

Now it's time to recognize the reality that you can't change things and release the situation to Higher Power. You can't change it by experiencing being afraid, angry, resentful or any other negative energy.

Trust that things will work out for the best ... allow them to do so by letting go of the angst about the situation.

Ask yourself a question such as "From Higher Power's perspective, do I need some time away from what was planned for this day?"

You may gain some insights and perspectives you'd miss if you didn't have this snow day.

Blessings to you,

Barbara Hawkins

This blog article was published on February 8, 2012.