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Your Follow-Through Program

Whether you are a new Graduate or you graduated some time ago, the Follow-Through Program can be invaluable.

The obvious question is:

How can working with Barbara both help integrate the powerful Silva techniques into my life and enrich my life?

There are quite a few ways!  Here are some:

Working together increases your concentration, your focus, on your projects.

Because you're working with me, you're more aware of your commitment to yourself to use what you learned in the Silva class and also accomplish things you may have thought were beyond your reach.

You create a plan which includes programming and, when you act on your plans, you move to success.

Together, we may do some brainstorming to come up with even more creative ideas.

I help you identify your true vision for your life taking into account your values, personal strengths, talents, training and more. Planning together can be productive and fun.

Having a plan is like finding a road ... now you know where you're going and, with my help, you'll know how to program for it! 

We can only see out of our own eyes, from the place of our experiences. I listen to what you say and, because my perspective is different, I may ask questions such as "Have you thought about....?" or "Have you thought about it this way?"

Because I always have your best interests in mind, I can provide objective feedback that may not be available from your family, friends or workmates.

Sometimes it's invaluable to have someone to be your sounding-board. Just saying something out loud can bring clarity! Be assured that what you tell me is held in strict confidence.

This 3 month program turns new learning - Silva Techniques - into automatic behavior!


Calls are @ 45 minutes.

You get email recaps of our calls.

You have email access between sessions.

Brief 'pop-up' calls to share terrific news.

Discounts on other workshops.

Advance notice of teleconference calls.


If you'd like a different duration / number of calls, let me know. I'm flexible.

Call or Email me to set up your Program.

This blog article was published on August 5, 2015.