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Barbara Hawkins is Coaching Life Skills - A Better Life Using Meditation, The Silva Method, Silva Life System, Silva Intuition Training, Hypnosis, NLP, EFT, Spirituality and more

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Why Work with a Coach?

  • You’re challenged to evoke your greatness by being highly introspective – something you may not ordinarily make time to do.
  • Your coach can be your confidant and can help you with you blind spots by listening closely to what you say.
  • Get objective feedback and gain intuitive insights and ideas.
  • Your coach can be a 'safe' sounding board for your ideas and point you to new realizations.
  • You discover what you really, really, really, really, really desire vs. what you may have been led to believe you should want.
  • Your coach helps you define your vision and integrate Silva skills more effectively with your action plan.
  • You may learn advanced material.
  • You establish new habits which give structure and positive outcomes.
  • You experience emotional intelligence techniques which help you re-appraise and reframe circumstances.
  • You experience confidence and esteem shifts as you develop trust in yourself and your choices.
  • Your coach helps you celebrate success!
  • When something doesn't work out the way you'd like, your coach is there for you...supportive and nurturing you.
  • You experience deep relaxation and mental exercises designed to enroll your deepest levels of mind in the expansion of limiting beliefs, resulting in greater success and health.
  • You receive discounts in workshops such as The Silva Life System, Intuition Training, Reclaiming Wholeness and others.
  • Spontaneous Support – “pop-up” calls of 15 minutes or less and email support.
  • Your coach helps you hold your accountability!

For more information about our coaching program... the Follow-Thru Program