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The Silva Method

The Mirror of the Mind Silva Technique is one of the most popular!


Often in classes we discuss the best way to do our 'programming'. Certainly we have enough techniques in the courses to cover virtually every scenario, every desire, every goal.


There is a "trick" though and that is to make sure you're programming for your desired outcome - the WHAT - not the steps necessary to get there - the HOW.


Our job is to identify our intended outcome - the WHAT - and the HOW is not our job. 


Although this didn't happen in one of my classes, I remember a story I heard about years ago. Sometimes we discuss it in class...


Once upon a time, some years ago, there was a Silva Method Basic class in progress. One student had a dream to go to Hawaii for 2 weeks and she estimated it would cost her $2000 for the trip of her dreams.  During the Mirror of the Mind exercise she programmed for the money (the How)... she visualized a hand writing out a check to her for the amount she desired. 


At the next class she returned and BOY was she mad! When she calmed down the lecturer asked her how she had done her programming so she shared what she'd done.  She also told everyone the check HAD arrived but she'd needed to use it for a medical bill, not a vacation.


I think you can see the problem: she programmed for the HOW, not the WHAT. After discussion with the instructor, she programmed for her trip instead of how to make it happen. 

(She programmed for the WHAT, not the HOW.)


As the story goes, soon after the class she met an older lady at the laundromat and they struck up a fun conversation. After a while this lady asked the Silva Grad if she'd consider accompanying her to Hawaii for 2 weeks - all expenses paid.


WOW! She received her desire, the WHAT, and didn't even need to worry about the HOW. Often we can't know the very best way for things to occur.


It's always good to end your programming session with "This or something better." By adding this your desired outcome can be fulfilled with no the best way possible.


Remember to identify WHAT you choose and let Spirit take care of getting there.


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Barbara Hawkins

This blog article was published on July 6, 2015.