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The 90-Day Game

Learn how to use your inborn resources

to create what you want in life —

and enjoy the process!

The 90-Day Game is designed for you to Create What You Truly Want ... Guaranteed! is a highly focused process, generates quick results, drawing out the best in you. Additionally, the tools, techniques, and strategies you will learn and the support materials you will receive are transferable toward whatever you want to create in your life going forward.

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On the call we discuss:

  • What you want to create
  • Reasons why people get stuck, stop, or in some cases, never begin to create what they want
  • Game plays that set an environment for perspective and attitude shifts that invite creative movement
  • Game practices that create clarity of intent, enhance focus, and help players navigate the emotional swings and challenging self-talk we all inevitably face along the path of creation
  • And more…

.The 90-Day Game creates the environment to evoke your greatness through storytelling, imagination, metaphor, mental and writing exercises, and practical action.

Playing the Game will:

  • Produce clarity of purpose and awareness of who you are and where you are going
  • Produce focus, light-heartedness, enthusiasm, and energy
  • Get you thinking more creatively
  • Provide the objectivity needed to maintain and regain your course
  • Give you a simple structure for taking action

Playing the Game will show you:

  • All you need to create what you deeply desire is already within you
  • How to get comfortable with the natural discomfort of change
  • How to stop struggling and accomplish more with grace and ease
  • What you believe to be true is flexible and can be rewritten
  • What you have labeled as  “negative” can be recast as valuable guidance information

In addition to creating and enjoying what you want, you will walk away with a new view of yourself and a fresh perspective on your capabilities.  You will be more joyful, appreciative, fulfilled, and self-accepting.

Are you ready to live a fabulous life?


"I can honestly say The 90-Day Game changed my life"

It helped me realize a goal of buying a home - a goal which seemed so out of reach at the time. And here I sit writing you from that very home. It works if you are an enthusiastic, active participant AND have faith that you can build a mountain a pebble at a time. It's the perfect formula for success. That is...the combination of identifying your passions, writing an intention statement, having weekly calls with others who support the goal and who you can support, and the critical one- on-one coaching sessions to work out any "challenges" in achieving the goal. At 40 I know all goals can be achieved eventually- but it feels great to do it in less time than one thought possible. 

Maria Vizzi, President
Indoor Environmental Solutions, Inc., NY

What do You Want to Create?

Attain your idea weight? A satisfying career? Improve your financial conditions? Enrich your relationships?

Perhaps you'd like to increase your confidence; have a greater sense of trust and faith; a more peaceful state of mind or simply a shift in perspective and attitude, whatever it is, the 90-Game offers you the tools and structure you need to create what you truly want while enjoying the precious present moment.

Regardless of what you choose, you can create it! Yes, if you have the desire, believe it is possible and expect it to happen, it will happen for you. If you have the desire, yet a little shaky on either the belief or expectation, this program will provide you with what you need to conceive a clear vision, expand your possibility thinking, develop focus, increase your confidence, and widen your perspective. Insights will follow and you will be drawn to take actionwith grace and ease and enjoy the trip along the way knowing that you are, in fact, creating what you truly want - guaranteed!

The 90-Day Game is a highly focused process, generates quick results, drawing out the best in you. Additionally, the tools, techniques, and strategies you will learn and the support materials you will receive are transferable toward whatever you want to create in your life going forward.

Here's the Game Plan...

You select what you want to create, play the 90-Day Game and:

  • Enjoy an emotionally intelligent, yet playful environment, that is effective and essential for optimal energy and performance
  • Gain crystal clarity of your intention
  • Apply mental dynamics to stimulate creativity and maintain focus
  • Take positive action and build momentum
  • Be absolutely thrilled with the results - guaranteed!

Enjoy the Process

End procrastination and enjoy clarity, movement, momentum AND ease while getting the job done with a cool head and a warm heart.

Finally give yourself the permission to achieve what you want.

Enjoy a process:

  • Utilizing the 90-Day Game Principles
  • With simple yet effective Mental Dynamics stimulating Creativity and heightened Focus
  • An Organized Track with plenty of room for spontaneity

Get group and individual support and share the satisfaction of accomplishment with a group of energized Players


"I have never before experienced results as I have by participating in the 90-Day Game "

I've been part of the personal development movement for over 15 years and have assembled a library of over a thousand paper and audio books and while they are all useful, none are as succinct & user friendly as John’s material. In that time I have never before experienced results as I have by participating in the 90 day game and by working with John. . . Period.  

The games concepts are deceptively powerful and cater to our left & right brains as to help us find that happy medium, thus allowing it to work for everyone.  A note of caution though; You will undoubtedly create what it is you desire, guaranteed - so please choose your target wisely. I can only compare it to having your own personal “genie in the lamp”. 

Anthony Artuso, Jr., CEO
Artuso Pastry Foods Corporation, NY

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Player Qualifications & Eligibility

  • Commit to playing 15-20 minutes daily, 4-5 days per week
  • Do your best to attend most if not all of the sessions
  • Be open to receive support
  • Be willing to offer support

What You Get

  • 13 one-hour Group Coaching teleconference sessions (Live)
  • 24/7 online and mp3 access of recorded group sessions assuring that you will never miss a call
  • A 200+ page Game Book design in a day-to-day format to guide you throughout the game
  • Implementation materials complete with Action Logs & Playsheets
  • The Spiritual Principles Card Deck
  • 2 Mind Game CDs with 10 Mental Exercises to enroll your subconscious mind
  • Enjoy the powerful synergy of energized Game Players
  • An Unconditional Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Optional One-to-one Coaching with John Felitto and his team of Game Faciliplayers
  • Email support is available throughout the 90-days

Are you ready to live a fabulous life?

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